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Are you aware that you can create guaranteed returns within your pension funds at any age?

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As interest rates continue to rise, the financial landscape presents both opportunities and challenges for pension savers.  With this, there is a growing trend of new guaranteed return solutions that allow individuals to secure reliable returns within their pension funds at any age.

These innovative products are similar to annuities but offer the promise of guaranteed annual returns while maintaining the flexibility of having the money paid back into the pension pot.

The new guaranteed return solutions available within pension funds allow individuals to lock away their money for short time periods, typically ranging from a few years to a decade, with the assurance of a guaranteed annual return. This means that pension savers can benefit from predictable income while retaining access to their invested capital.

One of the key advantages of these new guaranteed return solutions is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional annuities, where the money is committed for life, these products allow individuals to access their funds after the agreed-upon lock-in period.

Moreover, the returns generated by these solutions are paid back
into the pension pot. This aspect is significant as it ensures that the money
remains within the tax-advantaged pension environment, contributing to the overall growth of retirement savings.

By retaining the returns within the pension fund, individuals can continue to benefit from potential tax advantages and long-term investment growth.

We have found that products of this nature are not often discussed by financial advisors as they need little ongoing management.

Please get in touch to discuss how you can benefit from new pension products that are designed around high-interest rates.

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